A hus­band and wife team (Linda & Tommy) accom­pa­nied by their best friends Riki Church and Vik­tor Keresztes, enjoy­ing life and mak­ing music together in the heart of Europe.
We cre­ate our own style of music. Ener­getic vibes, great beats and pos­i­tive lyrics every­one can relate to. We use live instru­ments and mix them with arti­fi­cial, elec­tronic sounds and good beats. We are inspired by hun­dreds of bands from the past and present but our style is our own.
Our goal is to bring our music to the masses. To make you dance bare­foot in your liv­ing room while lis­ten­ing to Kr3ll, and make you scream the lyrics back at us at our con­certs. Kr3ll is for us and Kr3ll is for you! Kr3ll is hon­est party music with a touch of sex­i­ness that will put a smile on your face and put the boo­gie back in your pants.

Linda Dae­mon

Profilevocals (Canadian-​born singer, song­writer liv­ing in Budapest, Hun­gary. For­mer bands: ZERO-​G, DRUG­ZONE. Cur­rent bands: KR3LL, POP84, WHERE IS COOPER.)


Profilegui­tar, pro­gram­ming (Hun­gar­ian musi­cian and hus­band of Linda Dae­mon. For­mer bands: NON­SENSE, DRUG­ZONE. Cur­rent bands: KRELL.)

Vik­tor Keresztes

Profiledrums (A Hun­gar­ian musi­cian and long-​time friend of Riki Church and Linda Dae­mon. For­mer bands: ACTION, DIS­OR­DER­LIES, BAN­DANAS, CAR­MEN. Cur­rent bands: KR3LL, SCARY­FACE, JUNKIES.)
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